Unique online chess school ABCHESS
Lessons with qualified teachers on interactive platform
training program
The author's teaching method from the international master Akkozov Berik is suitable for adults and children of 5 years and over.

The ABCHESS method is aimed not only at achieving results in chess.
We also try to turn the educational process into an exciting adventure full of new discoveries!
"During the lesson, we solve interesting problems, collect points and play chess"
Adiya Mamesh
student, 6 years old
How are classes held at ABCHESS?
Solve problems
Game practice
ABCHESS is the first online school in the CIS with a personal platform and mobile app.

Our lessons are divided into three parts: theory - 10 minutes, tasks - on the completed topic and practice - with detailed comments from the teacher.
All with a clear and interesting presentation from real professionals.
Online classes
Individual approach
The learning process takes into account the specific characteristics and abilities of the children, and an individual approach to each student is built.
Study with us from anywhere in the world!
All you need is a convenient device with Internet access.
We determine the level and training form: individually or in a group
Choose the coach, the program and the time of training
We conduct a free lesson on the ABCHESS program
Consult with the curator
Select the training program.
First lesson
How to start classes at ABCHESS?
ABCHESS coaches
We choose the best.
All candidates are strictly and carefully selected.

Constant development.
Trainers are trained according to the author's ABCoach program.

Each lesson is analysed.
The coach reviews each lesson.
"One of the main tasks that I set myself is to awaken the child's love and interest in this exciting game."
Zharavin Valentin
Interesting facts
ABCHESS includes video tutorials, thousands of exercises, and provides step-by-step statistics on the development of the student's mental and sports skills - logic, memory, attentiveness and speed of thinking.

We have trained 5,000 students from 15 countries: Kazakhstan, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, UAE, China, Turkey, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, etc.

We have trained two prize-winners of the world Championship among students.
world Champions
of the world
Our prices
Individually for the beginner
  • 8 lessons of 25 minutes
  • Tournaments
  • Access to the ABChess platform
  • 15 courses
  • 150 lessons
  • 2500 tasks
$ 65
Test lesson
Group classes for children
  • 8 lessons of 45 minutes
  • Tournaments
  • Access to the ABChess platform
  • 15 courses
  • 150 lessons
  • 2500 tasks
$ 50
Test lesson
What do I need for online training?
Computer, tablet, or smartphone with Zoom App. The trainer sends the link to the lesson.
At what age can a child be taught chess?
You can start training at the age of 5
How many students are in one group?
The number of students depends on their level, on average there are 4-10 students in the group.
How can I make a payment?
Payment can be made in two ways: via Kaspi.kz or PayPal.
In what languages the training is held?
Training is held in three languages: Kazakh, Russian and English.
Free lessons in our app and website
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