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· Step-by-step program
online chess school
Step-by-step program
Proven step-by-step program

Raised two prize winners of the Wolrd School Chess Championship

Developed by an International Master, Berik Akkozov

Suitable for both adults and children (5+ years)
"During the lesson we solve interesting puzzles, collect points and play a lot of chess"
Adia Mamesh
student, 6 years old
How does it work at ABCHESS?
Practice with the coach
ABCHESS offers online private lessons for kids (5+ years) and adults.

Lessons are held in Zoom coupled with our personal online platform (WEB, iOS & Android).

Our lessons are comprised of 3 parts:
20% Theory - theoretical explanations
30% Puzzles - solving puzzles
50% Practice with the coach - games with analysis
Individual approach
High engagement
ABCHESS ensures high engagement thanks to our online platform with built-in gamification features
We take into account specific abilities and preferences of the students.
Leave us your number and we will contact you to discuss the details
We determine your level and the most suitable coach
We pick a time for a free trial lesson with you / your child
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Level & Coach
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How to start classes with ABCHESS?
ABCHESS coaches
We choose carefully
All candidates are strictly and carefully selected.

We train our coaches
Every coach passes our special training program for the coaches.

The lessons are reviewed and analysed
The coaches review and analyse each lesson.
"One of the main goals that I set myself is to do my best to spark a child's interest for this exciting game."
Valentin Zharavin
Interesting facts
ABCHESS platform includes video lessons, thousands of exercises, and provides detailed statistics about the learning progress of each student.

We have trained 5,000+ students from 15+ countries, such as USA, UK, Canada, Italy, Spain, UAE, Russia, Turkey etc.

We have raised two prize-winners of the World School Chess Championship.
prize winners of the WSCC
Choose your plan
monthly fee
  • 1-on-1
  • 30 min
  • 8 lessons
  • Weekly tournaments
  • Analysis of Lichess games
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monthly fee
  • 1-on-1
  • 60 min
  • 8 lessons
  • Weekly tournaments
  • Analysis of Lichess games
  • Personal education program
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What do I need for the online lessons?
Laptop, tablet or smartphone. The lessons are held in Zoom.
From what age the kids can start learning chess online?
We recommend to start at the age of 5
These are individual or group lessons?
We offer individual (1:1) lessons. Group lessons can be formed later.
Do you give classes only in English? 
The classes are given in four languages: English, Russian, Turkish and Spanish.
How can I pay for the lessons?
Either through Paysend or Paypal. We also accept crypto.
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