Terms & Conditions

E-mail & WhatsApp

  1. Main means of communication between CLIENT and ABCHESS: WhatsApp and E-mail 
  2. It is vital for CLIENT to provide an eligible E-mail address as all booking details are sent to e-mail.
  3. CLIENT gets appointment confirmations of all scheduled class sessions via E-mail.
  4. Access to the ABCHESS eLearning platform is given based on CLIENT E-mail.
Rescheduling & Cancellation
  1. CLIENT must inform ABCHESS about any rearrangements at least 24h in advance via E-mail or WhatsApp. Or directly reschedule/cancel class appointment(s) through the confirmation e-mail.
  2. If done later than 24h before the class start without a valid reason, it is considered to be completed.
  3. Valid reasons: unexpected health condition (sickness) and force majeure cases.
  4. Such cases as: slow internet connection, power outage, technical issues, oversleeping, forgetting, etc. do not justify the absence of a student as ABCHESS still pays coaches for the reserved time slot.
  5. Average cycle length: 4 weeks. Cycle must be completed within 6 weeks maximum.

  1. Payment is done at the beginning of each cycle (8 classes).
  2. Payment can be done via PayPal at the following e-mail: abchess.live@gmail.com
  3. Other means of payment can be agreed in prior between CLIENT and ABCHESS.
  4. ABCHESS is not responsible for any commissions taken by the banks/payment services on the client's side.
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