ABCHESS online tournaments
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Attention! Please make sure that you are signing up for a tournament of the right level.

We host multiple tournaments in order to divide the participants by levels and give everyone a chance to play with someone close to their level.
SATURDAY tournaments. 25.09.2021
Time control: 10 mins
Type: Arena
Arena tournament #1
Rating: 800-1300
Western time: 07:00 AM (London) 
Eastern time: 02:00 PM (Singapore)
Password: abchess
Arena tournament #2
Rating: 1300-1800
Western time: 01:00 PM (London) / 08:00 AM (New York)
Eastern time: 08:00 PM (Singapore)
Password: abchess
Arena tournament #3
Rating: 800-1300
Western time: 01:30 PM (London) / 08:30 AM (New York)
Eastern time: 08:30 PM (Singapore)
Password: abchess
SUNDAY tournaments. 26.09.2021
Time control: 10 mins
Type: Swiss, Arena
Swiss tournament
Rating: any level
Western time: 12:30 PM (London) / 07:30 AM (New York)
Eastern time: 07:30 PM (Singapore)
Password: abchess
Arena tournament #4
Rating: 800-1300
Western time: 03:00 PM (London) / 10:00 AM (New York)
Eastern time: 10:00 PM (Singapore)
Password: abchess