Zero to Hero
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Learn to play chess from zero. In 2 weeks you will learn: chessboard and pieces, how the pieces move, attack and defend.
FIDE 2021 Online Training Award Winner
course overview
Learn the basics of chess in 2 weeks
During the course, you will learn the basics of chess including the moves, pieces, strategy, and tactics.

You will discover blablabla
What will you study?
We have prepared a step-by-step program that will teach you all the basics of chess.
  • 1
    Chess Board and Pieces
    How to set up the chess board
  • 2
    How pieces move?
    Rules of how the pieces move
  • 3
    Values of the pieces
    Value of each piece - important for exchange
  • 4
    Attack and defence
    How every piece is supposed to attack and defend
  • 5
    Check, checkmate and stalemate
    Rules of a check, checkmate and a stalemate
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What our clients say about us
Guillaume Loret
Engineering Lead at Walmart Inc.
This was a great learning experience - I learnt in a group with other people, but I was flexible to study at any time of the week. The ABCHESS platform was the place to study and practice, I think it's an effective approach. I recommend this to anyone with tight schedule.
Lucille Villance
Junior project analyst at Intys FSA
The program is perfect for my active lifestyle. The flexibility of the program allowed me to learn and improve my chess knowledge without having to commit to long hours. The international community of participants was a great bonus and I was able to make new friends from around the globe. I would recommend it to those looking for a fun and engaging hobby that also allows for personal growth and development.
Frank Sobey
Theology professor at South Devon College
I found the abchess mentorship program to be a most enlightening experience. The mentor was knowledgeable and skilled, and provided valuable guidance in improving my chess skills and cognitive abilities. The program was both challenging and stimulating, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their mind and chess game.
Shruthi Ramapathi
Marketing Lead at Schneider Electric
Thank you ABCHESS for the program. I never expected chess would be such an interesting game. Keep up the great work, guys! 
Max Kipping
Director of construction company
Chess is a great hobby of mine, it's a great mental practice and distraction during a busy day. This mentorship program allowed me to take my game to the next level through a step-by-step program. Highly recommended!
Madina Bulegenova
Sworn Interpreter and Translator
I loved the ABCHESS mentorship program! I learnt to play chess in 2 weeks and now I can't wait for the upcoming cohort to improve my level further. Thank you guys!
Nikita Blanc
Founder of HeyEveryone
I always wanted to learn chess, but never had a stable enough schedule to sign up for online sessions with a teacher. I liked this new group format called mentorship as I studied along with other people, but also at my own pace.
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